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Crane-manipulators - a specialized transport, which combines three functions at once. Functions Truck towing and board machines at the same time. Flexibility and versatility truck mounted crane can significantly reduce transportation costs, labor costs, costs for the purchase of additional equipment, as well as shorten the delivery of various cargoes. The crane can load and transport: huts, block-containers, building blocks, shipping containers, a variety of equipment, vehicles, specialized equipment, lumber, pipes of different diameters, wells rings, plates, pedestals, machine tools, generators, flights with brickwork, flights with foam blocks and much, much more. Crane perfectly copes with all of its functions in the construction of low-rise buildings. Services the crane is now very much in demand all over the world. Sell or lease the crane does not take much.
Handling is always very difficult, labor-intensive and time consuming process. Especially if they are done manually, without the use of the crane or forklift. However forklift unable to carry a lot of cargo at a time to the remote distance that gives truck mounted crane significant advantages. With the participation of the crane, you do not need a large number of porters, which certainly reduce your costs and have a positive impact on the quality of loading and unloading. When operating the crane reduce the cost of maintenance and repair of large equipment.
The disadvantage of the crane is that the crane installation takes over the load-carrying capacity of the vehicle. When placing crane immediately behind the cab car, imbalance and patency of the car, and significantly increases the load on the vehicle frame, which often leads to its deformation. In case of crane arrangement on the rear portion of the body, greatly increases the load on the rear axle and rear springs.
Crane-manipulators have different payload arrows, board, and also vary according to the type of crane systems and length side. Ordering a crane observe the weight and dimensions of the cargo carried by you.
To get the service as quickly as possible, please, please, on the map closest to you to transport, to highlight the contact on the phone and let the carrier following data:
- Your name;
- Phone for communication;
- Identify your goods;
- Inform the size, number and dimensions of the cargo;
- Inform the address of the place of loading of the cargo;
- Inform the district place of delivery;
- Specify the date and time of submission of the crane-manipulators.


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