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Tow truck - special trailers for different types of equipment and vehicles.

Evacuation - a service that allows you to transport various types of equipment and vehicles at a distance.

At the moment in Russia and other countries of the world, the service evacuation vehicles became widespread. This is due to more and more massive sales of machinery and other equipment, with an annual increase in their number in the world, the continuous improvement of their design (structural complexity), and as a consequence of a greater number of breakdowns and demand for evacuation vehicles, trucks, tractors, excavators, scooters , motorcycles, ATVs, personal watercraft, other specialized equipment, and even boats.
Tow trucks are also being improved every year and become more diverse.

Types of tow trucks:
- Tow truck with fixed platform;
- Tow truck with a hydraulic platform;
- Tow trailer (posted one of the axes of the car, and the other axis remains on the road surface);
- Tow truck with crane manipulator (crane);
- Tow truck - trucks for evacuation;
- Animal transport - for the evacuation of several machines simultaneously;
- Flatbed machines (trawl) - evacuation road and agricultural machinery (rollers, pavers, track-type tractors, excavators, etc.).

Tow trucks are of two types of loading: full and partial.

To get the service as quickly as possible, please, please, on the map closest to you to transport, to highlight the contact on the phone and let the carrier following data:
- Your name;
- Phone for communication;
- Model transported vehicles;
- The condition of vehicles;
- The address of the place of loading of transport;
- An area the delivery location of your vehicle;
- Mass of the vehicle without load (see. The registration certificate, TCP) *;
- State registration number of the vehicle *;
- Date and time of submission of a tow truck **;

* Optional data
** If you book in advance tow truck (not an emergency evacuation)


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