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Wagon Truck - vehicles designed to carry goods.

Van - trucks, designed for transportation of goods that require protection from dust, dirt and foreign deposits.

Van, on-board machine - the most common commercial vehicle in the world. Vans, flatbed cars differ in body type, on-duty at the layout (location of the cabin with respect to the front axle) and Axels.

Onboard vehicle - a distinction by body type: open body (low or high board), tilt the body (low or high board, closed on external precipitation).

Van onboard vehicle - the difference in payload: Light Duty Trailers (tonnage), intermediate (medium), heavy-duty (heavy). The more axes at the side of the machine, the more capacity.

Van onboard vehicle - a difference in layout: the first layout scheme - cab-over-engine. This cabin usually has a great advantage, she leans back, which gives the quickest and most complete access to sets of car repair and inspection and the second layout scheme - cabin behind the engine. As a rule, the car more difficult to access for inspection and repair, such layout scheme partially eats the usable area of the body, but this cabin is protected by the most in a frontal collision.

Van onboard vehicle - the difference in wheel formula: all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive and two-axle vehicle, triaxial car, a four-car and more. Traffic rules and safety length biaxial van onboard vehicle must not exceed 12 meters. The length of the van airborne vehicle with two or more axles must not exceed 22 meters.

The height of the van, on-board the vehicle must not be more than 4 feet from the roadway. The width of the van, on-board the vehicle must not exceed 2.5 meters. Cargo is allowed to overhang the rear of not more than 2 meters. Loads projecting beyond the dimensions of the vehicle in front or behind by more than 1 m, or on the side of more than 0.4 m from the outer edge of the marker lamp must be marked with identification marks "Bulky goods", and at night and in low apparently, moreover, in the front - a lamp reflector or white back - a lamp or a red reflector.

Shipping is permitted provided that it:
- Does not restrict the driver's view;
- Not difficult to manage and does not violate the stability of the vehicle;
- Does not cover the exterior lights and reflectors, registration and identification marks, and does not interfere with the perception of signals from the hand;
- Does not create noise, not dusty and not pollute the road and the environment.

To get the service as quickly as possible, please, please, on the map closest to you to transport, to highlight the contact on the phone and let the carrier following data:
- Your name;
- Phone for communication;
- Identify your goods;
- Inform the size, number and dimensions of the cargo;
- Inform the address of the place of loading of the cargo;
- Inform the district place of delivery;
- Specify the date and time of submission of the van, on-board the vehicle.


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